Review for “Kardia” in the Burning Love and Bleeding Hearts Anthology

I was happy to discover this review in my inbox this morning. It’s the little things that keep writers writing.

“Most of the pieces run to 5 pages or less, so while there’s plenty to sink your teeth into, these are light bites – some much lighter than others as flash fiction pops up alongside a couple of longer pieces. And there are plenty of stand-out tales to make this worth stumping up your cash for: Miguela Considine gives you a tropical taste of death in Old Stones, a grim fairytale filled with vivid imagery and discomforting darkness. A discarded heart looks for love in Kardia by Donna Laemmlen, a truly bizarre and brilliant piece, rollercoastering between downbeat and hopeful, gruesome and weirdly beautiful. Josh Strnad offers you A Receipt to look over and chuckle at briefly, as does Janis Butler Holm in a pun-filled flash fiction piece called Abduction Again – you can probably guess what that one’s about.”   — Ben Walker


Luz: The Flower of Evil

After taking an extended period of time trying to navigate life in the age of the Coronavirus, I’m happy to report that a film I was involved with, as one of many co-producers, is doing well in the international film festival arena and has secured distribution deals around the world! Congratulations to Juan Diego Escobar Alzate,  a true original, on his first feature film, Luz: The Flower of Evil.

Upcoming Anthology to Benefit the Australian Red Cross

I’m honored to have a story included in the upcoming charity anthology, Burning Love and Bleeding Hearts, a collection of dark tales available on Valentine’s Day. All proceeds will benefit the Australian Red Cross and victims of the bushfires, and it will be available in print, digital, and audio formats. You can pre-order your copy now ❤️

Pushcart Prize Nomination

The holidays have arrived with some very good news: I’ve been nominated for a Pushcart Prize for my story “The Dangers of Helium.” Thank you to Evan Karp and the Quiet Lightning reading series and press for the honor of being selected during their 10 year anniversary. You can watch or read my story at the link below, along with those of the other nominees. Fingers crossed we bring it home to San Francisco!

pushcart nominations