In Freefall (Urban Fantasy Short) Co-Writer Tim Boxell
Based on the short story “Fay,” by Donna Laemmlen
Logline: A dark urban tale about a desperate man who rescues an injured woman he believes to be a fairy and the solution to his problems.

Gripped: Killer Pillar (Adventure Romance Feature) Co-Writers Ben Galland and Corey Fischer, Story by Ben Galland
Logline: A young woman undergoes a courageous transformation during a backcountry trad climbing adventure on a mega alpine route in the High Sierras.

Tabula Rasa (Drama Feature) Co-Writer Nawneet Ranjan, Story by Nawneet Ranjan Logline: When a troubled young Indian girl is sent to live in a reform home for children in Mumbai, she learns to accept the tragedy of her past through guided drama therapy facilitated by a failed actor, as well as a mysterious magical journal.

Sheila the Gila Monster (Animation Feature)
Logline: A young Gila monster runs away from home when she first learns she is poisonous and embarks on a journey of self-discovery across the southwest USA.

Winner, Best Animation Feature Screenplay, International Family Film Festival

Winner, Audience Pitch Award, Cinequest Screenwriting Competition

Top Ten Finalist, Cinequest Screenwriting Competition

Quarterfinalist, Scriptapalooza Int’l. Screenplay Competition

Quarterfinalist, Creative Screenwriting Magazine Expo

Finders Keepers (Romantic Adventure)
Logline: A contemporary tale of former high school sweethearts who reunite to search for the fabled treasure of Joaquin Murrieta, the legendary Gold Rush bandito.

Finalist, Hollywood Connections Screenwriting Competition

Semifinalist (Paramount), The Chesterfield Writer’s Film Project

Semifinalist (Fade In Magazine), The Writers Network Screenplay Competition

Quarterfinalist (AMPAS), Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting

Quarterfinalist (Austin Film Festival), Austin Heart of Film Screenplay Competition

Quarterfinalist, Scriptapalooza Int’l Screenplay Competition

Queenpin (Action Drama) Co-Writer Vonti R. Mcrae, Story by Vonti R. McRae
Logline: Two childhood friends use unorthodox methods to bring down a drug kingpin.

Winner, Urban Action Showcase Screenwriting Award

Quarterfinalist, Page International Screenwriting Awards

Quarterfinalist (Fade In Magazine), The Writers Network Screenplay Competition



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