Indiegogo Pitch Video

On Friday, we completed the filming for our Indiegogo pitch video for Freefall, a short film adaptation of my short story, “Fay,” set to shoot this summer. I’m super excited about the amazing cast and crew that have agreed to work on this project. If Friday’s shoot was any indication, the film is going to rock. Stay tuned for the Indiegogo campaign launch!

Cinequest Film Festival – Part 2

Cinequest knows how to throw a good party! After a daylong celebration that included a pitch session, a screening of Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns,” a writers VIP lunch, and writers pitching their stories in front of a sold-out crowd during the Maverick Spirit Award event honoring Neil Gaiman, I walked away with the Audience Pitch Award! I’m so grateful for the goodwill the audience showed me and my animation feature, Sheila the Gila Monster. It was a great day for all of the writers!